Coca Cola Cavalier 6 Case Machine - $450

Works well now as an ice cooler, but with some help to the compressor it could be a refrigerated machine again



1953 Coca Cola Flange Sign - $550

Nice piece with date stamp and raised feel let you know this is not  reproduction.







Westinghouse Master Cooler - $200

Missing lids and cap catcher, put the but is solid and would make a great base for a restoration.

Therm-A-Jugs starting at $20    Therm-A-Coolers starting at $100

Other misc. signs, coolers, buttons in our collection.

Vendo 83 Machine - S O L D

This is called a "Vendo 83" because it vends 83 bottles before needing to be re-filled.

Unsure on the condition of the compressor, I would assume it needs some attention.

Whole machine could use a cleaning and TLC, but it doesn't appear to be missing any parts.

Cap catcher, drum, coin mechanism, delivery door, are there.














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