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Atlas White Wall Install

  1. How-to install Atlas whitewall inserts (port-a-walls)

  1. How-to install Atlas whitewall inserts (port-a-walls)
    After you have purchased your Atlas Port-A-Walls from Vintage Warehouse
    Follow these installation recommendations
    Our first & perhaps best recommendation is that you should find an experienced shop to install your new portawalls for you. If however you choose to do it yourself, you will need the following readily available materials:

    1) Solvent / degreasing agent. - Do not use soap, WD-40 or any other type of lubricant
    2) Course sandpaper - 36 grit or similar
    3) Rubber mallet - wrap it in plastic or "saran" wrap to keep everything as clean as possible.

    The first thing you need to do is remove the wheels from the vehicle. This can be done one at a time, with a standard shop floor jack, or all at once, with a full vehicle lift system.

    Once the wheels have been removed, lay them flat on the floor. Tires must be deflated and loosened, without removing them from the rim.

    ► Next, the surface of the tire and the interior of the rim need to be carefully cleaned and dried. This can be achieved in a two-step process:

    ► Apply degreaser to a cloth and thoroughly wipe the tire and the inside edge of the rim, until all residue is removed. We've been told that brake cleaner works well.

    ► Next use a course grit sandpaper (36 grit or similar) to rough up the inside edge of the rim, by holding the sandpaper against the rim for 4 complete revolutions. Clean the tire and rim surfaces with thinner afterwards to remove any debris. This step is very important and cannot be skipped. The rim and tire need to be clean and dry prior to Port-A-Wall installation. There should be no grease, oil, debris, or slick residue, between the Port-A-Wall and the rim or tire.

    ► Once the rim has been cleaned and prepped, you are ready to install the Port-A-Wall.

    ► Place the Port-A-Wall on the tire with the edge of the tire and the Port-A-Wall properly aligned. Partially inflate the tire. Be sure to check that the edge of the rim and the tire's circumference are properly aligned and that the Port-A-Wall is staying under the edge of the rim. If this is not the case, release some pressure, and use the rubber mallet to pound the Port-A-Wall into place. It should lay down flat against the tire and be level with the edge of the rim, with no gap between the Port-A-Wall and rim.

    ► Inflate the tire gradually and check that the Port-A-Wall is fitting properly against the tire and rim. If necessary, release some pressure again and pound the Port-A-Wall down where needed. Continue this process until the proper tire pressure is achieved, with the Port-A-Wall laying flat against the tire and level to the rim, with no gap between the Port-A-Wall and the rim. Mount the wheel back onto the vehicle and repeat the process on the remaining wheels.

    ► Balancing weights need to be installed on the inside edge of the wheel...not over the Port-A-Wall.

    To make sure the Port-A-Walls were installed properly, we recommend that the vehicle be driven no faster than 45 miles per hour for the first 50 miles after installation.

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Atlas White Wall Install
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