Another thing Greg likes  to "collect" are wheels.

He'll never have enough cars to put then on, but that doesn't seem to slow him down any.

Below are some of the original wheels in his collection.

American Racing Torque Thrusts D's

Rarest of the rare...... NOS Magnesium Torque Thrust

"Used" Magnesium 5 X 205

"Used" Aluminum 5 X 205

other misc. American Racing caps and wheels

South African Sprint Stars / Rostyles



Now they are 4.5 and 5.5 chromed and painted.

Here's another set mostly in original condition that will be getting the "overhaul" real soon.


15 X 5.5 Porsche pattern and 13 x 5.5 4 lug


Porsche Gas Burners

Stock finished set

Detailed finished set on my Squareback, '50 Ragtop and '64 Hardtop

(same wheels, different cars)

Some of the Fuchs on hand.


More pictures on the way as we find time.


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